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Materials Testing Machines

We supply destructive materials testing machines.
All are guaranteed and supported with our full after sales service.

We provide an upgrade service for customers' with existing force machines using the latest digital instrumentation systems which are fitted to meet current standard requirements.

We welcome enquiries for machines detailed below and others not currently included. Please click image to have the comprehensive details presented.

New Extensometer manufactured by R & H Testing Services

Extensometer manufactured by Epsilon Tech

Epsilon Technology Corporation

Model 3542 Axial Extensometers

General purpose extensometers for axial tensile, compression, and cyclic testing. Gauge lengths from 0.5 to 2 inches (10 to 50 mm) are available in measuring ranges from 5% to 100% of the gauge length.

Model 3560 Bi-Axial or Axial Averaging Extensometers

A single integral unit that provides averaged axial strain measurement. This model is also configurable with options for measuring both the averaged axial strain and the transverse strain.

Other models are available. Please ask for details

Reconditioned Machines and Upgrades

Please enquire for our current stock list.

Whatever your requirements for reconditioned and upgraded machines we will offer the most suitable materials testing machine. Each conforms to the requisites of appropriate standards and includes installation, calibration and certification.

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